Fish tab with lyrics by Clara Chung - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Clara Chung – Fish tab

			           FISH - Clara C

Tabbed by: Yorick298

I know this isn't the prettiest tab to look at, but bear with me on this
one. If you listen to or watch Clara C play this, you'll get the hang of her
strumming pattern pretty quickly. The purpose of this tab is to help you
figure out the chords she's playing, which are somewhat hard to catch by
ear. So, I've omitted repetitions where I could help it, seeing as once you
get the fingering for a chord, you can figure out for yourself how many
times she plays that chord.

It's easiest to think of this song as being in 12:8 time, with each dash or
numeral on the tab representing an eighth note. The song is felt in four
(each beat being a dotted quarter).

TUNING: The high E should be dropped to a D. At that point, capo to whatever
key you're comfortable singing in. Clara C usually capos at the 8th fret,
placing this song in Eb major.

NOTE: Clara C is pretty liberal sometimes with her meter. Meaning, the song
isn't entirely in 4. Specifically, in the choruses, she likes to insert
extra beats right before she starts the "honey I love you" section.


So this is itd|0-0B|0-0G|4-4D|5-5A|5-5E|3-0 (play four times)
My search is overd|0-0B|0-0G|5-5D|3-3A|5-5E|4-0 (play four times)
You filled a void Id|0-0B|1-0G|0-0D|2-0A|0-0E|0-0 (play four times)
Wasn't aware ofd|0--B|1--G|0--D|1--A|3--E|x-- (play four times)
VERSE 2 (see Verse 1) Every wrong door And its wrong exit I'll finally accept it Cause it led me to you
CHORUS 1Oh, my heart's home is youd|------------x-----------|B|------------1-----------|G|------------0-----------|D|5-----2-----2-----------|A|x-----4-----3-----------|E|3-----x-----x-----------|
The fiction I've dreamt of is finally reality with youd|------------x-----------|B|------------1-----------|G|------------0-----------|D|5-----3-----2-----------|A|x-----5-----3-----------|E|3-----x-----x-----------|
And you make me so happy that I'm scared to moved|2--4--5--|2-----------|B|0--0--0--|0-----------|G|0--0--0--|0-----------|D|2--1--0--|2-----------|A|2--2--2--|4-----------|E|0--0--0--|0-----------|
Honey I love you-hoo-hoo-hoo, you-hoo-hoo-hoo--|d|------|0-00-00-00-0--------------------------|B|1--3--|0-00-00-00-0--------------------------|G|0--0--|0-00-00-00-0--------------------------|D|2--4--|0-00-00-00-0--------------------------|A|3--5--|2-02-02-02-0--------------------------|E|x--x--|3-03-03-03-0--------------------------|
Y---------------|ou-hoo-hoo-hoo, you-hoo-hoo-hood|0-00-00-00-0--|B|0-00-00-00-0--|G|0-00-00-00-0--|D|2-02-02-02-0--|A|3-03-03-03-0--|E|0-00-00-00-0--|
Y---------------|ou-hoo-hoo-hoo, you-hoo-hoo-hood|0-00-00-00-0--|B|0-00-00-00-0--|G|0-00-00-00-0--|D|0-00-00-00-0--|A|2-02-02-02-0--|E|3-03-03-03-0--|
VERSE 3 (See Verse 1) So this is love I must not have known it Before when I've said it Must've been too rehearsed VERSE 4 (See Verse 1) Let's get married tomorrow Cause I can't stop trembling I've done enough waiting Want to be there with you
CHORUS 2 (See Chorus 1)My heart's home is youThe fiction I've dreamt of is finally reality with youd|------------x-----------|B|------------0-----1-----|G|------------0-----0-----|D|5-----3-----2-----2-----|A|x-----5-----4-----3-----|E|3-----x-----x-----x-----|
And you make me so happy that I'm scared to moved|2--4--5--|2-----------|------------|B|0--0--0--|0-----------|------------|G|0--0--0--|0-----------|------------|D|2--1--0--|2-----------|------------|A|2--2--2--|4-----------|------------|E|0--0--0--|0-----------|------------|
Honey I love, love youd|------------|B|------------|G|------------|D|2--5-43--2--|A|3--6-65--4--|E|------------|
Honey I love, I love youd|0--0-00--0--|B|0--0-00--0--|G|0--0-00--0--|D|2--5-43--2--|A|3--6-65--4--|E|0--0-00--0--|
Honey I love, I love youd|0--0-00--0--|B|0--0-00--0--|G|0--0-00--0--|D|2--5-43--2--|A|3--6-65--4--|E|0--0-00--0--|
Honey I loved|0--0--|B|0--0--|G|0--0--|D|2--5--|A|3--6--|E|0--0--|
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