Clarks – Last Call tab

Last Call

D                       G
It's a late night in this town
A                      D
It's time to move on
Bm                                 A
And our time, It came and went
              D                   G
Find your coat, find your keys
            A                D
Find the man of your dreams
      Bm           A             D
And how much money he spent

     D                   G
So set down your drink
                 A                   D
You've had more than you should
Bm                                                A
Your last chance has just come and gone
                D               G
Well she's gone for the door
            A            D
And she looks all alone
           Bm                 A                 D
Let me know what she looks like at dawn

G    Bm   D
Last call, again
G    D                Em                       Bm
Last call, do you know where you're going
G    Bm   D
Last call, again

              D             G
There are lovers and fighters
   A        D
at 2:00 AM
A big girl named Carol,
Well she just left with Jim
           D             G
And it's hard sometimes
    A                   D
To make up your mind
They're out in the lot
And she's going down on him

    D                G
So roll your leg over
             A                D
Take the bow not the stern
Bm                            A
And pray before you begin
                 D                    G
'Cause this date's not your mate
            A                      D
And it's not where you're going
Bm               A                  D
But more like where they've been

         D                G
Slip a beer in your coat
                A                 D
Keep your arms to your side
'Cause going home,
That's a pretty good drive
           D            G
Keep it under the dash
      A                     D 
And watch who you pass
Bm        A    D
For your first DWI
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