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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 12:35:05 -0500
From: Bryson Meunier 
Subject: TAB:"Madeline" by The Clarks

Regardless of who else heard this song, I heard it and I loved it. This file
represents my best attempt at transcribing it. Corrections, comments or
questions are welcome at


Performed by The Clarks on "Love Gone Sour Suspicion and Bad Debt"(1994)
Guitar part transcribed here performed on the album by Scott Blasey and
Robert James
Lyrics by Blasey
Transcribed by Bryson Meunier

  (drum intro)

verse(guitar 1) rhy.fig.1- D B5 A E-------------------2-2-2------------------------------| B-------------------3-3-3------------2-----------------| G-------------------2-2-2-----4------2-----------------| D---2h4--x--------------------4------2-----------------| A-----------2-----------------2------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
That riff is played twice before the vocals and the second guitar are added. Guitar one and guitar two work together in this fashion:
guitar 1(clean electric)- E--------------------2-2-2-----------------------------| B--------------------3-3-3----------2------------------| G--------------------2-2-2-----4----2------------------| D----2h4--x--------------------4----2------------------| A------------2-----------------2-----------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
||guitar 2(clean electric)- || || rhy.fig. 2- Bm G || E--------------------2---------3-------------5---------| B--------------------3---------3----------------5------| G--------------------4---------0-----------------------| D--------------------4---------0-----------------------| A--------------------2---------2----0------------------| E------------------------------3-----------------------|
The lyrics that go overtop of this part go like this: Madeline flows like a summer stream She talks with her eyes she moves in a dream Sincerity grows in a pasture of green Madeline flows
At this point guitar 2 plays something like this: fill 1- E----------------3p2------0------------0---------------| B------------3---------------3------------3------------| G-------------------------------0------------0---------| D-------2--------------------------0-------------------| A---0--------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
After that part, guitar one plays the same riff as in the firstverse,while guitar 2 plays something different. The two guitars worktogether like this: guitar 1- E--------------------2-2-2-----------------------------| B--------------------3-3-3-----------2-----------------| G--------------------2-2-2------4----2-----------------| D----2h4--x---------------------4----2-----------------| A------------2------------------2----------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
||guitar 2(rhy.fig. 3)- || E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G--------------------0---------------------------------| D--------------------------------------------2---------| A-----------------------------2------0-----------------| E-------------0----------------------------------------|
The lyrics for this part go like this: Abigail flies on a silver wing She might let me go she might let me sing Prosperity lies in a mountain of things Abigail flies(fill 1) This next part I'm not exactly sure of. Generally,though, the chords sound like this: chorus- Em D A And when you find her tell her you don't mind the way that she G D Em C6 crosses her legs she winks to let you know I only like to observe D Dadd9 D I don't profess to know chords used: Em D A G C6 Dadd9
E---------2---------3-----3------0-------| B---------3----2----3-----1------3-------| G---------2----2----0-----2------2-------| D---2----------2----0-----2--------------| A---2---------------2--------------------| E---0---------------3--------------------| I'm pretty sure that the corresponding barre chords are played alongwith these open chords except on a guitar with a distorted tone. I'm notpositive though, unfortunately.
The next two verses have the same sequence as the first two. (rhy.fig.1 and rhy.fig.2) Kira comes on like the morning sun She opens her eyes she looks out for fun Affinity flies through a canyon of one Kira comes on(fill 1) (rhy.fig.1 and rhy.fig.3) Tabatha walks in the pouring rain She closes her eyes to block out the pain Disparity flows in a river of shame Tabatha walks(fill 1) If I remember correctly, at this point the "And when you find her..." part is repeated with the same lyrics and chord progression. The only difference comes afterwards, during the "And in the garden of blue..." part. At that point, guitar 2 does something like this: (fill 2) guitar 2- C D And in the garden of blue she's coming
E---------------------------0-----------------------2--| B------------------------1-----1-----------------3-----| G---------------------0-----------0-----------2--------| D-----------0------2-----------------2-----0-----------| A---0--0h2------3-----------------------2--------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
A back to you and the feeling's true E-----------------------0------------------0-----------| B--3-----------------2-----2------------------2--------| G-----2-----------2-----------2------------------2-----| D--------0-----2-----------------2------------------2--| A-----------0-----------------------0------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
Oh Madeline won't you tell me what you're gon- E---------------------0-----------------------2--------| B------------------1-----1-----------------3-----3-----| G---------------0-----------0-----------2-----------2--| D------0-----2-----------------2-----0-----------------| A-0h2-----3-----------------------2--------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
na do E------------| B------------| G------------| D---0---2----| A-------2----| E-------0----|
I transcribed the solo as well as I could. Some,all, or none of it may be right. It does sound right least to me. If you disagree, you know where to find me. Anyway, this is what I came up with. You'll probably want to flip the pickup switch to the top position. Experiment with the tone until you find something that you're comfortable with. (rhy.figs 1&2 played underneath) solo(guitar 3)-
E---------------------------------5\7---5~~~~~~\(19)---| B-----7h8p7\5--7--5-------4\5--------------------------| G--------------------7p4-------------------------------| D------------------------------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
(sweep) E------------------------------------------------------| B----7--8--10--8--7h8p7--------------------------------| G--7----------------------9p7h9------------------------| D------------------------------------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
(softer) (distortion on) E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G---------9p7--------------9p7----------------12\14----| D---7-7-9------------7-7-9-----------------------------| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
E--------------15--14----------------------------------| B--15-------15----------15-----------------------------| G------14-------------------14-12----------------------| D----------------------------------14--12h14p12--12\14-| A------------------------------------------------------| E------------------------------------------------------|
At this point guitar 3 ends the solo with very subtle controlled feedback. I didn't bother to tab it but if I remember correctly it just jumps from note to note along the D string on the 17th, 15th and 14th frets(or around there somewhere). If you listen in the background you should be able to hear it but it's not really an essential part of the song. The rest of the song goes like this: chorus(same chord progression)- And when you find her tell her that you mind the way that she crosses her heart and says I hope to die. I guess I'll never know you I guess I'll never know why. (w/fill 2) And in the garden of blue she's coming back to you and the feeling's true. Oh Madeline I never knew what you were going through. That's it. Have fun with it and write me if you have any questions.
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