Used To Be chords with lyrics by Classified - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Classified – Used To Be chords

This is my acoustic version of "Used to Be" by Classified

Progression: C G A G

C - x32010
G - 3200xx
A - x0220x             

[Verse 1: Classified]

C GMy, my, my, my dad says they don't make music like they use to
A GAnd nowadays there ain't no record store to root through
C GWe upload and then we viewin it on YouTube
A GDigital to Bluetooth, I see why that confuse you
C GThis day and age, shit it's hard to tell who's who
A GSo many artists, every week you hear a new group
C GMaybe it's me or possibly I got a screw loose
A GA raisin short of two scoops but we don't do what you do (do, do)
[Verse 2: Mic Boyd]
C GNow-now-now-nowadays when I turn on the radio (yeah)
A GIt's like they take the same old song and play it out (true)
C GMight be your favorite now but hate it in a day or so
A GHere today, gone tomorrow, that's how the saying goes
C GThe oldies were timeless and classic (that's right)
A GMusic now is models and actress (ah naw)
C GWho we pay to ogle they asses (yeah)
A GNever liked metal but still prefer it to plastic
[Chorus: Classified (Mic Boyd) - w/ ad libs]
C GMy dad says they don't make music like they use to
A G(Oh no they don't, no they don't, no they don't)
C GAnd my crew says they don't make beats like they use to
A G(Oh no they don't, no they don't, no they don't)
C GYou know what I-I think? It's just the music that I'm use to
A G(It's what I'm use to, it's what I'm use to)
C G A GI need my headphones louder, louder, louder, louder, louder, louder, louder,
[Verse 3: Mic Boyd]
C GDrum machines with touch screens, this must be the future
A GOne man band all recorded on computer
C GCubase, Cakewalk and Pro Tools users
A GFiltered effects and overused Auto-Tuners
C(If you can't hit the note), then hit a switch
G A GArtists can't get the pitch and end up [Auto-Tune voice] "singing like this"
C GSounds like robots are takin our jobs
A GWhile these same record labels keep on payin 'em off
[Verse 4: Classified]
C GNow have you ever thought about the old records we were proud to play (yeah)
A GAnd if you heard them for the first time nowadays? (yeah)
C GWould we give the same props, same amount of praise? (nope)
A GI highly doubt it eh, it'd probably sound out of date (yeah)
C GOr maybe life nowadays kind of cloud our taste (yeah)
A GAnd hearin old tracks takes us back around the way (woo)
C GYeah, still soundin great, off to outer space
A GWithout a trace, leavin eardrums bent out of shape
[Chorus]Same Pattern
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