Clayhill – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want chords

|================================||------there wasnt any known-----||-tab/chord for this song from---||--this is englnd. i wanted one--||-badly and ended up making this-||---one, please help fix it------||================================|
G D G DGood times for a change
BmSee, the luck I've had
Cmaj7Can make a good man
D (Dsus4) DTurn bad
Cmaj7 DSo please please please
G D/F# Cmaj7Let me, let me, let me
DLet me get what I want
EmThis time
G D G DHaven't had a dream in a long time
BmSee, the life I've had
Cmaj7 D (Dsus4) DCan make a good man bad
Cmaj7 DSo for once in my life
G D/F# Cmaj7Let me get what I want
D EmLord knows, it would be the first time
Cmaj7 D G G9Lord knows, it would be the first time
Outro: | Cmaj7 | D | G D/F# | Cmaj7 | | Cmaj7 | D | G | G9 | | Bm | Bm | Em | Em | | Cmaj7 | Cmaj7 | D* | some of the chords sound off, please help me mold this into a proper chord list for this song
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