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Clem Snide – Collapse chords

Artist: Clem Snide
Song: Collapse
Album: End of Love

It pains me to see so few people playing Clem Snide tunes, so I thought it might help if 
I made some chord charts for songs. Hope you enjoy.

Intro C G (Eef uses many hammer-ons on the D and A string, its easiest to listen because they change throughout the song)
C GWhen it finally collapsed all you heard was the radio static
C GAnd the fluttering sound of a bird that was trapped in the attic
Am C GBut you couldn't be sure that it wasn't just all in your head
D7 GAs you carefully swept all the broken glass out of your bed
C GWhen it finally collapsed all the actors were hotly protested
C GBut the people they had to portray, were a little depressing
Am C GSo a grass roots initiative based upon sharing and trust
D7 GWent into production to harness the power of dust
(Under solo, same as verses) C G C G Am C G D7 G
C GWhen it finally collapsed as it had been since way before when
C GThe pedophiles did their rendition of You ve Got A Friend
Am C GAnd everyone had to admit that it wasn't half bad
D7 GBut they still felt uneasy fearing they'd be dismissed as a fad
C GWhen it finally collapsed giant billboards made people aware
C GOf the idea that we are comprised of just water and air
Am C GAnd a vandal had written that Jesus knows just how you feel
D7 GWhen you're falling asleep, asleep at the wheel
D7 GWhen you're falling asleep, asleep at the wheel
Outro G
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