Cliff Richard – Miss You Nights chords

I am offering my version, because in the one that's placed, there too many wrong chords.

MISS YOU NIGHTS: CLIFF RICHARD - 1976 (D. Townsend) 4/4 - 74

|      |: Measure of 4-Counts
/       : Break
n.c.    : No Chord
(      ): Backing Vocals
INTRO: |F9 F   |F9 Dm   |Bb  F  |Dm   Bb C


n.c. |F9 F |F9 Dm |I've had many times, I can tell you,
Bb F times when innocence,
|Dm Bb CI'd trade for compa-n - y.
|F9 F |F9 Dm |And child-ren saw me cry-ing,
Bb F |C C7 I thought I'd had my share of that.
|Bb |But these miss you nights,
Csus4 C7 |F |C are the longest.
|F9 F |F9 Dm |Midnight dia-monds, stud my hea-ven,
Bb F southward burning,
|Dm Bb Clie the jewels that eye your pla - ce.
|F9 F |F9 Dm |And warm winds, that em-brace me,
Bb F |C C7 just as surely kissed your face.
|Bb |Yeah these miss you nights,
Csus4 C7 |F |C they're the longest.
|F(How I missed you),
Dm |Bbhow I missed you, I'm not likely to tell.
|F DmI'm a man, and cold daylight,
|Bb Cbuys the pride I'd rather sell.
|F(All my secrets),
Dm |Bb Dm |all my secrets, are a wasted af-fair,
Bb F |Bb F | you know them well.
F9 F |F9 Dm |Think-ing of my go-ing,
Bb F how to cut the thread,
|Dm Gm Cand leave it all be-hi-nd.
|F9 F |F9 Dm |Looking wind-ward, for my compass,
Bb F |C C7 I take each day as it ar-rives.
|Bb |But these miss you nights,
C Csus4 C7 |F |F7 | are the longest.
Bb C |(Lay down), lay down all thoughts,
Am Dm | of your sur-render,
Gm |C | it's only me who's killing time.
Bb C(Lay down), lay down all dreams,
|Am Dm |and themes once re-membered.
Bb |C | it's just the same, this miss you game.
INTERMEZZO: F9 F |F9 Dm |Bb F |Dm Bb C| F9 F |F9 Dm |Bb F |C C7 OUTRO:
|Bb |Yeah, these miss you nights,
Csus4 C7 |F |F are the longest.
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