Cliff Richard – Mistletoe And Wine chords

Mistletoe and Wine 


    G - D - D7 - G



1. The child is a king, the carollers sing,

          Em                                     D

    the old has passed, theres a new beginning.

C                               G

    Dreams of Santa,         dreams of snow,

A                         D          D7

    fingers numb, faces aglow.



Christmas time, mistletoe and wine,


children singing Christian rhyme.


With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree,

                  D7                G

a time to rejoice in the good that we see.



2. A time for living, a time for believing,

       Em                       D

    a time for trusting, not deceiving.

C                                       G

    Love and laughter and joy ever after,

      A                                  D               D7

    ours for the taking, just follow the master.


+ CHORUS  + repeat CHORUS as instrumental



3. Its a time for giving, a time for getting,

       Em                              D

    a time for forgiving and for forgetting.

         C                          G

    Christmas is love, Christmas is peace,

        A                            D               D7

    a time for hating and fighting to cease.


+ CHORUS (3x)
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