A Voice In The Wilderness tab with lyrics by Cliff Richard - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Cliff Richard – A Voice In The Wilderness tab

Transcribed by Achal Ashwin, 30th July 2007..
Bangalore, India


My [D]heart was so [Bm]heavy with [G]longing for [A]you
My [D]arms were so [Bm]lonely, [G]lonesome and [A]blue
[D] Alone in my [F#m] sorrow, [G] I heard a voice [F#m] cry
A [Bm]voice in the [F#m] wilderness, a [Em]voice from the [A]sky

Have [D]faith in [Bm]your darling, the [G] voice seemed to [A] say
Be [D] true to her [Bm] memory, she'll [G] come back one [A] day
And [D]though there was [F#m] no-one, [G] nobody to [F#m] see
A [Bm] voice in the [F#m] wilderness brought [A] comfort to [D] me

[G]We had a [A] quarrel, [G] I was [A] unkind
[G]Why did you [F#m]leave me, [Em] love made me [A] blind

Come [D] back to me [Bm] darling, I [G] yearn for your [A]touch
Have [D] pity, come [Bm] back now, I [G] need you so [A] much

** [D]Believe me and you'll [F#m] hear it, the [G] voice from [F#m] above
   The [Bm] voice in the [F#m] wilderness, the [A7] voice of true [D] love

Repeat **

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