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Where Are You Now
By Clint Black
Intro:Bb C C7 F Dm C F Bb C F
Maybe I took for granted you'd be around
Eb               Bb                       F
To pick me up on my way down
I thought my feet were planted

Firmly on the ground
        C7                  Dm                       C
Till one day my whole world came unwound
And like a ball of yarn keep neatly on a spool
        Bb                                            G
You held the life together of this broken hearted fool
      F                                               C
And what once was the exception
Now seems to be the rule
And there's a burning question
      C                       F                             Em
A fire in my mind you always had the answers
        Dm                           C  Bb
The ones I couldn't find,           so all I'm asking
C                           F
Is where are you now
What father time would sell me
                          Eb      Bb                   F
I'd take it all if only you'd be back around
But then if time should spell me

Well I might take the call
           C                           Dm                        C
But there's no way of knowing where I'm bound
So here comes another fine mess I've gotten into
Bb                                          G
If I knew which way to turn I'd still turn to you
F                                             C
So if everything is said and done
What I'm I supposed to do
Bb                                                     C
And that's the burning question on fire in my mind
F                                Em                Dm                    C
You always had the answers for me time after time
                              C                         F
So all I'm asking is where are you now
Bb                    C                           F
All I'm asking is where are you now
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