Ghost tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Clutch - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Clutch – Ghost tab ver. 2


album: Blast Tyrant
tabbed by: badjokegoneworse

This is a tab for probably the best song on an already awesome
album. I know this has been said many times, but I'm pretty sure
this tab is correct. I was too lazy to tab the solo guitar
improvising in the background, just improvise yourself. ;) I tried
my best to display the rhythm, but that too you just gotta figure
out by yourself.
Maybe I'll post the corresponding chords/bass tabs I wrote, if you
want to play the song in a band.

(!) CAPO: 3rd fret

Intro/Verse: Am - Ge|-0-000-00-0000--0-000-00-0000--3-333-33-333--1-111-1-33-10-|B|-1-101-31-0111--1-101-31-0111--0-000-00-000--0-000-0-00-00-|G|-2-222-22-2222--2-222-22-2222--0-000-00-000--0-000-0-00-00-|D|-2-222-22-2222--2-222-22-2222--0-000-00-000--0-000-0-00-00-|A|-0-000-00-0000--0-000-00-0000--2-222-22-222--2-222-2-22-22-|E|-------------------------------3-333-33-333--3-333-3-33-33-|
Refrain: Am - G ("the rib of adam") [x2]e|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|---------------------------------|D|-----5----------------5----------|A|---57-75-5-5--5---5-57-75-5-5--7-|E|-5------8---8-3----------8---8-5-|
[Verse] [Refrain]
Bridge: ("waiting for a dead man's shoes") [x4] [1st/3rd time] [2nd time]e|---------------------------|---------------|-------------|B|------------775------------|---------------|-------------|G|------------775------------|---------------|-------------|D|------------775--9999------|---------------|-------------|A|-7777-55-7-------7777-5557-|--35555/b\55/b\|--35555/b\353|E|-5555-33-5------------3335-|35-------------|35-----------|
[4th time let ring]
Link:e|-----------| Note: You can also play single notes rather thanB|-----------| powerchords here. The first powerchord isG|-----------| actually one octave lower, thus below the D|-77-7--5-2-| capo tuning. The solo guitar is apparently A|-55-5-23-0-| not using one.E|------0----|
[Verse] [Refrain x2] [Link] Any questions/suggestions? There is this messaging-thingy on this website...
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