Clutch – Impetus tab

Tony Hawk's Underground Soundtrack
Drop D Tuning (D a d g b e)
Tabbed By Sono555

Hey. Sono555 again. I've had a few submissions now, some rejected, but now i'm getting 
hang of it. Anyway, here's a cracking tab by Clutch!

Main Riffe|------------------------------------------------------------------|b|------------------------------------------------------------------|g|------------------------------------------------------------------|d|-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---7---7---5-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---7----|a|-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---7---7---5-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---7----|D|-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---7---7---5-7---5-7---5-7---5-7---7----|
Just repeat this. Easy! There's some weird bits in the song, but I haven't figured them out yet. Hope this is right! Q.O.T.S.A. 4ever!
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