Cn Blue - Teardrops In The Rain chords


G C9 Di wish upon a star i wonder where you are
C C9 Gi wish you're coming back to me again
C9 Dand everything's the same like it used to be
G C9 Di see the days go by and still i wonder why
C C9 Gi wonder why it has to be this way
C9 Dwhy can't i have you here just like it used to be
Am Cmaj9 A/Gi don't know which way to choose
C9 E/Dhow can i find a way to go on
Am E/C9 Di don't know if i can go on without you oh
[repeat same chords like in the verse] even if my heart's still beating just for you i really know you are not feeling like i do and even if the sun is shining over me how come i still freeze? no one ever sees no one feels the pain i shed teardrops in the rain i wish i could fly i wonder what you say i wish you're flying back to me again hope everything's same like it used to be Tengku Irsyad - (tsyad) credits - cnbluesky - cnbluegirl -
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