Coal Chamber - Pig tab

Intro interchanging with bass riffD-0--A-0--E-0--
THING G-666^6666^---------- Bend back and forth (half steps)
Riff3 "i'm filth"E----2--------B----2--------G----2--------D-2----2-2-3--A-2----2-2-3--E-2----2-2-3--
Riff4 D-0-2--0-2-3--0-2--0-3-A-0-2--0-2-3--0-2--0-3-E-0-2--0-2-3--0-2--0-3-
not a very hard song as you can see, im not sure if this is 100% but no-one else has bothered trying to tab this track.
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