Cochrane Tom – I Wish You Well tab

			     I Wish You Well - Tom Cochrane
Tabbed by: Jess

Tuning: Standard


chorus/verse chords D* : x00235 G : 355433 A : 577655 Em : 022000 bridge chords A: 002220 (hammer on the B string in the 3rd fret in the bridge) G: 320033 D: 000232 (hammer on the high E string in the 3rd fret in the bridge) Em: 022xxx Intro: Riff 1 (1x) Verse: (Riff 1) (1x) I'm gonna check my scars at home, Gonna cash my chips and roam. (Riff 2) (1x) Gonna walk before I fade to black (Riff 1) (1x) I'm gonna write a new resume, I'm gonna write you off the page. (Riff 2) (1x) I'm gonna take what we might take away. Em G And you might find a brighter day, You might find a brighter day. (CHORUS) D* G A And in another year, the pain will disappear and I D* G A Will look back on this life as if it were a scene Em G D* In a film somebody made for you and me, I wish you well (RIFF 3) Verse 2: D* G A She wants to be set free, Wants the space to feel love and be angry, D* G A and I watch her bounce off the walls, While the chips they start to fall. D* G A And then in a little while I see, That distant smile returning D* G A Just like a ghost in a dream, that we had way back when Em G Then she'll turn and smile and say, "Come again." (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) A G D I cannot believe there's nothing left to save A Em Hard as a hammer she wants me to come again and again G Em G I'm down on my knees. Won't you come again. Don't you need relief? (CHORUS) | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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