Code Red – This Is Our Song chords

This is our song - code red
***i am not sure about how the bridge sounds, but everything else is right. if you want 
the original pitch, transpose one step down.***

d gYou're so beautiful, divine
d gEverything 'bout you so fine
f#m bmAnd with the love like yours
em aThere is no pain in this world that I can't endure
d g d gSo beautiful, so wonderful
f#m bmAnd as we float on the floor
em aI hear the music of love
d aThis is our song
bm f#mThis is the song we'll remember forever and ever
em dIt means to you what it means to me
em aSo from this moment on, we know
dThis is our song
gOur song
d gAnytime I feel alone
d gI put on our favorite song
f#m bmAnd like the music and words
emWe merge into one
aAnd play on and on
d g d gLove's so beautiful, unconditional
f#m bmCan't find the words to explain
em aThis is our song and our song says it all
Chorus BRIDGE:
emWhen my skies are grey
bmMake them clear again
em bmWhen I'm weak you are strong
em f#mI need to hear the sound, you need to hear the words
em aThis is how it all began
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