Cody Chesnutt – The Seed 20 tab

The Roots f. Cody Chesnutt - The Seed 2.0
Tabbed By: Marcus Ryan
It is important to get the strumming pattern down on the main verse.
This is the electric guitar part, the guitar is at a twangy pitch.
On the second Am you don't have to strum the full chords, just a quick
strum because you will be changing to the Dm.
    Am       Dm
[Verse 1: Black Thought] Knocked up 9 months ago And what she finna have she don't know She want neo-soul, this hip-hop is old She don't want no rock-n-roll She want platinum or ice or gold She want a whole lotta somethin' to fold If you a obstacle she just drop ya cold Cuz one monkey don't stop the show Little Mary is bad In these streets she done ran E'er since when the heat began I told the girl look here Calm down I'ma hold your hand To enable you to peep the plan Cuz you is quick to learn And we can make money to burn If you allow me the latest game I don't ask for much, but enough room to spread my wings And the world finna know my name Again for the chorus it is important to get the strumming down. The first line is the same as the first [Verse 2: Cody Chesnutt] Am Dm x4 I don't ask, for much these days Bb D7 And I don't bitch, and whine, if I don't get my way Am Dm x2 C G Dm I only wanna fertilize another behind my lover's back C G Dm I sit and watch it grow standin' where I'm at C G Dm Fertilize another behind my lover's back D7 And I'm keepin' my secrets mine Am G Dm I push my seed in her push for life Am G Dm Its gonna work because I'm pushin' it right F If Mary drops my baby girl tonight D7 I would name her Rock-N-Roll [Verse 3: Black Thought] Uh-huh Cadillac need space to roam Where we headin for she don't know We in the city where the pros shake rattle and roll And I'm a gaddang rollin' stone I don't beg I can hold my own I don't break I can hold the chrome And this weighin' a ton and I'm a son of a gun My code name is The Only One and Black Thought is bad These streets he done ran ever since when the game began I never played the fool Matta fact I be keepin' it cool Since money been changing hands And I'm left to shine, but the legacy that I leave behind be the seed that'll keep the flame I don't ask for much but enough room to spread these wings And the world finna know my name [Verse 4: Cody Chesnutt] I don't beg For no rich man And I don't scream, and kick, when his shit don't fall in my hands, man Cuz I know how to still Fertilize another against my lover's will I lick the opposition cuz she don't take no pill Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-no dear You'll be keeping my legend alive I push my seed in her push for life Its gonna work because I'm pushin' it right If Mary drops my baby girl tonight E I would name her Rock-N-Roll E7 Oh-ooh break it down, break it down, break down beat
Bridge E E7 strum once x4 G Dm B E E7E------------1----------------3--1----------------------|B-----3----1-3---3--------1---3--3----3-----3-----------|G--1--1----2-2-1-1--------2------2----3--1--1-----------|D--2--2----2---2-2--------2-----------3--2--2-----------|A--2--2--------2-2------------2-------1--2--2-----------|E-----------------------------3-------------------------|
[break] I push my seed somewhere deep in her chest I push it naked cuz I've takin my test Deliverin' Mary it don't matter the sex I'm gon' name it rock and roll I push my seed in my push for life It's gonna work becuz I'm pushin it right If Mary drop my baby girl, tonight I would name her Rock-N-Roll I would name her Rock-N-Roll I would name her Rock-N-Roll yeah I would name it Rock-N-Roll
These bass notes are played through out the whole song. I don'tknow if the song is actually two guitars, or if they just dubbedover the version with a second guitar in the recording. but eithera bass plays the root notes of these chords, or a guitarcould play this.E--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G--------7--7-5---5-7---7--------------|D-7----7-7--7-5---5-7---7-7------------|A-7----7-5--5-3---3-5---5-7------------|E-5----5------------------5------------|
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