Cody Simpson – Angel chords

Hey everyone! This is my very first tab and I worked this one out myself and just played
it by ear from listening to the song on YouTube. I've included the link down the
bottom. I don't know if it's accurate or not, but just drop a comment below and test it 
out. It's pretty basic but the capo is really high and it was the only key that was in 
tune with
the song. Please rate :)

F Dm Bb C|------1------| |------1------| |------1------| |------0------||------1------| |------3------| |------3------| |------1------||------2------| |------2------| |------3------| |------0------||------3------| |------0------| |------3------| |------2------||------0------| |------x------| |------1------| |------3------||------x------| |------x------| |------x------| |------0------|
A | This is an <--- Alt. C|------0------| | alternative 'C' |------3------||------2------| | chord that you |------1------||------2------| | could use. I'm |------0------||------2------| | not sure what |------2------||------0------| | 'C' chord this is |------3------||------0------| | though. |------x------|
CAPO ON 6TH FRET. Standard tuning Pre Chorus:
F Dm BbMy angel, how'd you get to be so fly?
CHow'd you get to shine so bright?
F Dm BbHow'd you get to look like that?
CPlease heaven don't you call her back, yeah.
F, Dm, Bb, C Verse:
F Dm BbHalo, Halo, I'm not sayin' hi.
C ABaby, there's a ring above your head.
DmAnd it shines so bright,
BbIn the sunlight.
CIn the sunlight.
F Dm BbHalo, Halo, this is like a dream.
C AEvery bit of you it makes me weak.
DmHow did I get here?
BbIn your sunlight,
Cin your sun.
Chorus Verse 2:
F DmHere we are, looking at the stars.
BbI can hear the beating of your heart.
CI could listen to this song forever.
F DmYou're the breeze, cruising down the coast.
BbYou're the jelly, baby I'm the toast.
CIt's so sweet when we're together.
FAnd if I ruled the world,
DmI'd name an island for ya'.
BbYou can tell all your girls,
CI named an island for you.
Chorus Verse 3:
F DmHalo, Halo, I'm not sayin' hi.
Bb CBaby there's a ring above your head.
A DmAnd it shines so bright.
Bb CIn the moonlight, in the moonlight.
Pre-chorus Thank you for looking :) Link:
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