Coldplay – Ufo chords

D/G: 3x0032
C(add9): x32033
G: 320033

Intro: G(x75037) - C(x32032) - G(320033) - G(320033)

G C G D/GLord I don't know which way I am going
C D/G G D/GWhich way the river gonna flow
G C G D/GIt just seems that upstream, I keep rowing
C D/G GStill got such a long way to go
C D/G G D/GStill got such a long way to go
G CThen that light, it's your eye
AmI know, I swear, we'll find somewhere
F CThe streets are paved with gold
G CBullets fly, split the sky
Am But that's all right, sometimes, sunlight
F CComes streaming through the holes
G - C - G - D/GOooohhh
C - D/G - G - D/GOoooohh
End on G
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