Coldplay - Ufo chords version 6


Tuning: CGDGBD

G     (x 0 12 0 12 0)
C6    (0 9 10 0 10 0)
G.    (x09080)  
D/G   (x07070)
G/C   (0 x 12 0 12 0)
Bm    (x40034)
Cadd9 (050050)
D (070070)Gsus (x 0 12 0 10 0)
C. (0 12 x 0 13 0) Cmaj7 (0 12 x 0 12 0) Am (x22010) F (555000) Intro: Em(x 9 12 0 12 0), D/C(x57070), G.(x09080)x2
G C6 G. D/G Lord I don't know which way I am go--ing
G/C C6 G. D/GWhich way the river's going to flow
G C6 G. BmIt just seems that upstream I keep ro--wing
Cadd9 D G.Still got such a long way to go
Cadd9 G. D/GStill got such a long way to go
G Gsus G Gsus C. Cmaj7 C. Cmaj7And that light hits your eyes
AmI know I swear we'll find somewhere
F C(055500)The streets are paved with gold
G Gsus G Gsus C. Cmaj7 C. Cmaj7Bullets fly split the sky
Am F C(055500)But that's alright sometimes sunlight comes streaming through the holes
G C6 G. D/GOhohoh
G/6 C6 G. D/GOhohoh
G C6 G. BmOhohoh
Cadd9 D G.Ohohoh
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