Cole Porter – So In Love chords

[verse 1]

Em Em+5 Em B7 CdimStrange dear, but true, dear,
B7 Em Em9 Em Am A9When I'm close to you, dear,
Am7 D9 D7 D9 G F# E7The stars fill the sky,
Am7 Em7 AmSo in love
Em7 F#7 Gdim B7with you am I.
[verse 2]
Em Em+5 Em B7 CdimEven without you,
B7 Em E9 Em Am A9My arms fold about you,
Am7 D9 D7 D9 G E7You know, darling, why
Am7 Em7 Am Am7 D9 D7 GSo in love with you am I.
G7 Am D9 Am7 G Am7In love with the night mysterious,
G/F# C B D9 Cdim G F#The night when you first were there.
Em7 Am A9 Am7 D9 Am7 G Am7 GIn love with my joy delirious,
B7 Em Em7 Em6 F#7 B7When I knew that you could care.
Em Em+5 Em B7 CdimSo taunt me, and hurt me,
B7 Em Em9 Em Am A9Deceive me, desert me,
Am7 D9 D7 Dm6 E7I'm yours till I die,
Am7 Em7 Am D9 A7 Am7 Cdim GSo in love with you, my love, am I.
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