Colin Meloy – Charlie tab

I tabbed this out listening to the live show, which is rocky, i don't think it quite 
with the original song from the TV show.


Intro,|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------||---7-8-7-8-78--------------||---------------------------| Repeat this until the bass comes in, then you|---------------------------| switch to powerchords. shown below.
|---------------------------||---------------------------||---------------------------||--7-8-7-8-78---------------||--7-8-7-8-78---------------| This is the main riff. and is repeated.|--5-6-5-6-56---------------|
These are the 3 parts to the song. I think these are the only parts played,although the guitar solos over the whole song. Its just a a basic tab to give you an idea of the song.
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