Collective Soul – Untitled tab

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 20:46:10 -0800
From: Ben Hamatake 
Subject: CRD:  Untitled by Collective Soul

| UNTITLED - by Collective Soul, from their self-titled album |

Transcribed by Ben Hamatake

This is one of the first songs that I have tabbed, and it's reveling in
incompleteness.  Hopefully you'll get the main chords and know enough to
take it from there.  Have fun!!  Oh, and you have my permission to can
add, delete, edit, alter and redistribute this file to your heart's
content.  Send suggestions, comments, whatever to Here
we go

The main chords of the chorus are D, Em, C, and G.  Here is how I play them:
(Low E at the left)
D - x00232
Em - 022000
C - 332010
G - 320033

Here's the intro; you'll probably have to listen to the song to get the rythm.(High E at top)INTRO: D Em C Ge------------------------------------|b-------3------0-------1------3------|g-----2---2--0---0---0---0--0---0----|d---0------2-------2------0----------|a------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|
D Em C e------------------------------------|b-------3------0-------1------1------|g-----2---2--0---0---0---0--0---0----|d---0------2-------2------0----------|a------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|
then Guitar 1:RIFF 1 (distortion):d---2--------------|a---2--------------|E---0--0-0-2-0-0-3-|
directly followed by Guitar 2: RIFF 2 (smoothly, w/ distortion): a---7-9-10-6-7-| then RIFF 1 again, followed by Guitar 2: RIFF 3 (distortion): a---10--9-10-9-7-| Now we have the three main riffs in the song. Here's how it goes after the intro: BRIDGE 1: RIFF 1 \ RIFF 2 \ Play twice RIFF 1 / RIFF 3 / Play these 4 riffs, in that order, and you have the next-part-after-the-intro. Now is when Ed starts singing. Here's the verse: VERSE: RIFF 1 \ RIFF 2 \ Play thrice, then RIFF 1 / RIFF 2 / RIFF 1 RIFF 2 RIFF 1 RIFF 3 Someone in the background is playing the high notes of the chord E, then the bridge is basically a strumming of the A chord. It goes: BRIDGE 2: A \ RIFF 1 \ RIFF 2 > Play twice RIFF 1 / RIFF 3/ Now for the chorus; you play the intro riff with the corresponding chords being strummed. CHORUS: D Em C G I don't believe in the sorcerers or the preachers, D Em C I just believe in you. D Em C G I don't believe in the scholars or the wisemen, D Em C I just believe in you. now: BRIDGE 1 VERSE BRIDGE 2 CHORUS now here's the next bridge BRIDGE 3 low E---0--0-0-3-0-0-3-0-3-2-0-3-2-0-0-| > Play 4 times followed directly by the 3 lowest notes of the Em chords. (now some cool drumming) now is some cool strumming of the lower notes of the E chord then D, w/ dist. (The D chord for this bridge is just played with the low E string covered by the thumb on fret 2) Here you MUST listen to the song to get the beat. Great, now the solo. I don't do solo's; I'm sorry. I think it has some twangtwang here and some slidetwang there, but that's about it. I know that in the background someone is strumming: SOLO: A then E, A then E Enough of that. then we do: CHORUS >Play twice Okay, okay, I know this tab's a mess. I'll try to organize it a little. Just remember what part's are labeled what, and I'll put them in order here: INTRO BRIDGE 1 VERSE BRIDGE 2 CHORUS BRIDGE 1 VERSE BRIDGE 2 CHORUS BRIDGE 3 SOLO CHORUS 2x If you have any questions or suggestions (I'm sure you do), email me at Also, I have a made-from-scratch chord chart at if you would like to visit it. Happy playing!!
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