College – A Real Hero chords

You may need to tune your guitar down about half a semitone to match the recording.

Main riff:E|-5---6---5---6-----|B|---6---6---6---6--o|G|-------------------|D|-------------------|A|------------------o|E|-------------------|
Intro: F | Dm C | Bb | C :|
F Dm C Real human being,
Bb C and a real hero
F Dm C Back against the wall at ours
Bb C With the strength of a willing to cause
F Dm A pursuit some called outstanding
C Bb COr emotionally complex
(chord sequence continues throughout) Against a grain Left to stop at claims Of all the thoughts your actions entertaining And you, have proved, to be A real human being, And a real hero A planet on a cold, cold morn 155 people or more All safe and all rescued From the slowly sinking ship What are warmer than His head so cool And type ‘I knew what to do’ And you, have proved, to be A real human being, and a real hero
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