Colorfinger - Dog tab

Song: Dog 

Tuning: EADGBe 

Chords Used: 

A:      577655 
Dm:     x57765 
G:      355433 
C:      8(10)(10)988 
Ab:     466544 
Bb:     688766 
Am:     x02210 
A7sus2: x02000 
C(2):   8(10)(10)9xx 
Bb(2):  6887xx 
F5:     x8(10)xxx 


A Dm G 

I do get lonely 
                               Dm      C 
So many nights spent soaking beans 
     Ab             G 
And listening to my ears 
        G                A     Bb 
You are what you hear 

Dm G A Bb Dm 

G                   A 
You are what you hear 
A      Bb 
Sit up and rub 
G                       A          C     Bb 
White-laced panties and calm it 
Dm           G 
Your body is warm 
         A        Bb 
So is my vomit 
Dm           G 
Your body is warm 
I'm not cold 

Am A7sus2 Am A7sus2 Am A7sus2 Am C(2) Bb(2) Dm F5 x4 

^ played over: 

Hard to say 
Let it go before it gets away 
Hard to move 
Standing next to you 

A Dm G 

He's a good dog 
I can do whatever I want to him 

Cause it doesn't show 
C          Ab          G     A 
He doesn't know any better 
Bb     Dm G A 
Bb     Dm G A C 
Bb     Dm G A 


Noodly guitar part at the end: 

e|------------19-17-17-----------------------17-----------------------| B|----------------------17------------17-18------18-17------17-17-17--| G|--------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--12-12-12----------------12-12-12--------------------12------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
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