Colorsound - Top Of The World chords

It's written in A. I might have made a few mistakes- if you've got a correction 
let me know! No capo needed, standard tuning and standard chord voicings. As for 
strumming pattern anything like //\\/\ or something bouncy like that would work.  
Great song- hope you like it =)

Top of the World: Colorsound

A DDo dum ba da da
F#m E Ado sum ba da da da
Verse 1:
A DI can't feel better
E F#mthan the way I do
A D E F#mevery thing's fine I'm so in love with you
A Dthey all think I'm crazy
E F#mbut I know I'm right
A D E F#mnow I dont see the world in black and white
A D and it feel so good, so good,
F#m Ewhen you're by my side
A Dand it feels so good, so good,
F#m Ethat I can't sleep at night
F#m DI think I fell in love
F#m Edo do do do
A Dand it feels so good, so good,
F#m Ewith you I feel
Aon top of the world
A D F#mdaaaa
E Abo dum ba da da
A D F#mDaaaa
E A(bo dum da da da)
Verse 2: Since I seen her face I can't look away And now I know I'm better off this way I can feel the city singing in the night when everyone's asleep and out of sight *Chorus* Bridge:
A F#mMy heart keeps burning, baby burn
D EBut I can't let you go
A F#mMy heart keeps burning, baby burn
D EAnd I want you to know
F#m DMinutes feel like hours
F#m Dwhen you're not there it's getting harder
E to let it go (ohhh)
*Chorus* *Intro*
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