Colter Wall – Ballad Of A Law Abiding Sophisticate chords

C E Am F

[Verse 1]
C E7Well, marry me
Am FTo a rope and a tree
C E7 CWhat that ol' judge called first degree
C E7And all the folks around town
AmSwore to lay me
FIn the ground
C G C F G CThey found out I put that poor boy down
[Verse 2]
CYou see I
E7Did not much care
AmFor the way
FThat he'd sit and glare
CSo I closed
GHis eyes for good
C E Am F C G CWith a bar-room chair
[Verse 3]
C E7So, gonna lay my poor bones
Am FPast Appalachian stones
C G CFar beneath that cold ground all alone
E7Oh but if you're asking me
Am FWhere I would rather be
CIt was worth it
GTo see that boy
CCut from the knees
[Outro] C E7 Am F C G G C
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