Colter Wall – John Beyers chords


D        G        A   G   D 


D GJohn Beyers blew three holes in my ride
A G DHe put two in the tires and one in the side
D GSide panel of my 1969
A G DCamaro, and so it's John I must find
D GSo I hopped in Pop's pick-up and cranked up the heat
A G DGot a clean .22 and some shells in the seat
D GAnd I lit up the dark and I shifted her down
A G DThis southside Swift Current boy's northside-bound
A G DJohn Beyers just bought him a whole mess of pain
A G DHe's a fool if he thinks he can do this again
D G'Cause I'm crossin' that track just as soon as this train
A G DPulls out of the rail yard, ol' John's gonna pay
[OUTRO] D G A G D (x2)
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