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Communards – You Are My World tab

SONG: You Are My World
ARTIST: Communards

INTRO; N.Ce|-------8-----------------8---------|-------8-----------8-7-5-----------|B|-8p5-------8p5-----8p5-------8p5---|-8p6-------8p6-----------8-6-5-----|G|-----5---------5-------5---------5-|-----5---------5---------------7-5-|D|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|x4
C Em Dm Ge|-------8-----------------8---------|-------8-----------8-7-5-----------|B|-8p5-------8p5-----8p5-------8p5---|-8p6-------8p6-----------8-6-5-----|G|-----5---------5-------5---------5-|-----5---------5---------------7-5-|D|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|x8
C Em There is nothing boy that can stop my course Dm G I will hold you tight never let you go C Em Tomorrow's party will never end Dm G Ab Like a bud in spring our love will bloom and grow
C Em Your eyes to me are precious stones Dm G On a face that's made of a solid gold C Em When I hold your hand I want to cry Dm G And your loving arms to protect me Ab Db/Eb Ab Db/Eb from the could C F/C C F/C C F/C G4 C Bb F/A You are my world (x4)
C Em The soul inside now belongs to you Dm G I'm drowing in a love so deep C Em We will overcome those ups and downs Dm G Ab So happiness is forever ours to keep
C Em I will follow you to the end of time Dm G I will be the blood flowing through your veins C Em I will ride with you till the end of the line Dm G Ab Db/Eb Ab Db/Eb You will be my everything; my world C F/C C F/C You are; you are; you are; you are, C F/C G4 Oh boy; you are my world C Bb F/A You are my world (x4) C Dm Em F G You are my world, my world, my world, my world, my world (x4) KEY CHANGE: D D Em F#m G A You are, you are my world (x4)
D F#m Em Ae|--------10------------------10---------|--------10-----------10-9-7------------|B|-10p7-------10p7-----10p7-------10p7---|-10p8-------10p8------------10-8-7-----|G|------7----------7--------7----------7-|------7----------7-----------------9-7-|D|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|
D F#m I will follow you to the end of time Em A I will be the blood flowing through your veins D F#m I will ride with you till the end of the line Em A Bb Eb/F Bb Eb/F You will be my everything; my world D G/D D G/D You are; you are; you are; you are, D G/D A4 You are; you are my world N.C Yooooooooooooou! D C G/B You are my world (repeat till fade)
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