Honeybee chords with lyrics by Conan Gray - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Conan Gray – Honeybee chords

[Verse 1]
DmI was a glass beach
CAnd you finally found me
AmAfter all the waves crushed the ugly
A7My shores were pretty
DmAnd that is all you see
CThe pristine and carefree
Am A7Not the broken bottles I arranged to make tea
DmNot the silent days
CI worked in agony
AmJust so you would come back
A7To visit me
Dm CJust for you to say, ooh
Am A7I like the honey, not the honeybee
DmWell, I'm the honeybee
CMaybe it's from my greed
AmPlease tell me that the things I've done
A7Make your heart beat
DmPick me up and send me off
CTo love the ones you seek
AmThen pull me back and set me down
A7To crush my little wings
DmI'm the honeybee
C Am A7 [Outro] Dm
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