True chords with lyrics by Concrete Blonde - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Concrete Blonde – True chords

Amaj  Bmaj  C#min  G#min  F#min Emaj  Cmaj

The intro:  Amaj Bmaj C#min Bmaj Amaj Bmaj and back to C#min

C#min Bmaj Well when I've had enough I'll take a pickup truck
Amaj and I'll drive away..
C#min Bmaj Amaj I'll take my last ten bucks just as far as it will go
Amaj G#minAhh, well sometimes I'm easily fooled
Amaj G#min I'll take a painfull step and I'll get knocked back two
Amaj G#min F#min I do all I can and it's all I can do
Emajbut I'm true.
C#min Bmaj And if I had the choice I'd take the voice I got
Amajcause it was hard to find, you know I've
C#min Bmaj Amajcome to far to wind up right back where I started.
Amaj G#minAhh they tell me who I should be
Amaj I'll never let the monkees make a
G#min Amaj G#min mess out of me. I give all I am and it's all F#min I can do, ahh but I'm
Cmaj EmajOne more sunset lay my head down true.
Cmaj EmajOne more sunrise open my eyes up true.
C#min And then they talk you up
Bmaj And then they talk you down
AmajAnd you begin to doubt.
C#min Bmaj Sometimes the reasons seem so very
Amajfar away.
Amaj G#minAhh, but I'll stop breathin the day.
Amaj G#minThat if I can't walk proud I'd rather walk away.
Amaj G#min F#min I do all I am and it's all I can do....whoa
EmajI'm true.
Amaj G#minI give all I am
F#min And I'd give it to you
EmajSooo true...
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