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From: (Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO)

Here's a pretty easy one,
The intro is Am with Amsus2 and Amsus4 thrown in
every now and then

PROBABLY WILL     by Concrete Blonde
-------------     B-side to the single "Someday?"

intro: Am

     Am            F   G
They say I maybe crazy
       Am              F   G
I only say Ive had my fill
      Am               F
They say I'll throw it all away
I probably will

They'll only give you what you're taking
But lately I've been unfulfilled
They say I'll probably blow it off someday
I probably will

The way they talk about each other
The way they talk about themselves
Well they could talk, talk, talk forever
And they probably will
  You know they probably will

( Coconut shell solo )

Now I'm noy really bitter
You know Im just a little chilled
They say that things can just get better
And they probably will

And they will only make us stronger
If they should try to keep us still
And we could rise and take it all someday
We probably will

The way they talk about each other
The way you talk about yourselves
Well you can talk, talk, talk forever
And you probably will
  You know you probably will


 p.s. Its probably not really coconut shells, just
 sounds like them
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