Concrete Blonde – Little Conversation tab

verse rhythm C G Am E|-----------------------------------------------| B|-xx---1----0----1--------1--------1--------1---| G|-xx---0----0----2--------2--------2--------2---| D|-xx---2----0----2--------2--------2--------2---| A|-xx-3---------0------3-0--------0------3-0-----| E|---------3--------------------3----------------| ^not first time
fill 1 p pE|--------------------------------------------|B|-1^0-0--------------------------------------|G|----2--2^0-0--------------------------------|D|----------2---------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
end fill p p pE|--------------------------------------------|B|-1^0-0--------------------1$----------------|G|----2--2^0-0--------------2$----------------|D|----------2--2^0-0--------2$----------------|A|----------------3--0------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
C G Am C G Am The little conversation, was over very soon C G Am F G And I watch in admiration from my corner of the room C G Am And they shine on me with starry eyes C G Am And they rain a friendly storm C G Am Like kids around a christmas tree F G And then you smile all nice and warm F G C Am These little conversations, if I try my very best F G C Am (fill 1) You know I never could say anything in 20 words or less F G C Am Somewhere sometime down the line, someday I may confess F G and tell you all, thats all The little conversations on me are very rough They leave me all in pieces You know theres never time enough Its like a book with missing pages A story incomplete Its like a painting left unfinished It feels like not enough to eat - starving.. You know these little conversations Well for me they'll never do Now what am I supposed to do With broken sentences of you I'll stay in my corner Cos thats all that I can do Let the others think for me F G C Am Little conversations are we C G Am C G Am i Are we C G Am
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