Concrete Blonde – Make Me Cry tab

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(YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE) CAN MAKE ME CRY    by Concrete Blonde
-------------------------------------    off the album "Concrete Blonde"

transcribed by [Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO]

Play C like this:E|------0-0------------0-0------|B|------1-1------------1-1------|G|------0-0----2-------0-0------|D|--2--------X-3-X-2--------etc-|A|--3--------X---X-3------------|E|------------------------------|
C Lots of guys can make me laugh and show me some good time. G F C They treat me nice and warm when I'm by their side C Lots of people call themselves my friends and thats alright. G F C But you're the only one I need inside. Chorus: G F C You're the only one who leaves me warm and satisfied G F C You're the only one who takes me wrong and makes me right C Oh and if you took your love away, you'd leave me high and dry G F C Cos baby, you're the only one can make me cry And lots of people talkin' at me tell me what is right And lately I just don't know what to do Ah, the only thing that matters is if you're with me at night Everythings alright when I'm with you. Chorus
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