Concrete Blonde – Long Time Ago chords

                         Long Time Ago
                        by Concrete Blonde
              from the album "Walking In London" 1992

Tabbed by Gus McPhee, Oct. 10, 2011

I only know this song thanks to the very last 
episode of "The Shield". 
I play with a capo on the 1st fret because 
I'm half retarted when it comes to bar chords, 
particularly the Bb.

Its sounds pretty damn close to the real thing. Enjoy

Bb    x03330
F     033200
Gm    155111
F#    244322
Eb    365343


    Bb          F              Gm       F#       Eb

E -----------0------------0----3---------2--------3-------------|B -----------3------------0----3---------2--------4-------------|G --------3---------------2----3---------3--------3-------------|D -----3---------------3-------5---------4--------5-------------|A --0---------------3----------5---------4--------6-------------|E ---------------0-------------3---------2--------3-------------|
Bb F F# Gm F# Eb
E -----------0---------------------------3-----22-----3---------|B -----------3---------------------------3-----22-----4---------|G --------3---------------2--------3-----3-----33-----3---------|D -----3---------------3---------4-------5-----44-----5---------|A --0---------------3----------4---------5-----44-----6---------|E ---------------0-----------2-----------3-----22-----3---------|
When you turned out the light and walked out the door, I said to myself. What did I come here for? Did you have a good time, drinking whisky and rhyme and did you wanna be Bonnie and Clyde. Verse
Bb FWhat goes on in your mind, what goes on in your head.
Gm EbWho did you think I would be, Ha, well you got me instead.
BbYou think there's some connection,
F Gm EbThat I'm your female reflection, but no.
Bb FI can be loyal and I can be true
Gm Ebbut that's for somebody else and it will never be you.
BbYou think were pre-determined,
F F# Gm F# Ebwell babe your learning way to slow.
Bb F Bb FBut it seems such a long time ago....
(Same chords as verse for in-between part)
Bb FOh, he can see things you'll never know how to see.
Gm Eb He's three times the man you'll never know how to be,
BbI'll do anythting he wants
F F# Gm F# Eband I'll go anywhere he wants me to go.
BbAnd if that isn't love, then I
F F# Gm F# EbGuess I'll just never know.
Bb F BbSeems such a long time ago...
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