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*** Bleed
*** by Copacetic
      Dennis Kim
      Sonny Barnette
*** (c) 1995


F E B- Go G D- A- Ce--1----0----2----3----3----1----0----0----|B--1----0----3----3----3----3----1----1----|G--2----1----4----0----4----2----2----0----|D--3----2----4----0----5----0----2----2----|A--3----2----2----2----5----x----0----3----|E--1----0----x----3----1----x----x----x----|
*** Intro F E *** End Intro --- B- G F E
my life is dripping down the wellB- G F E
and splashing sparkles in the dark waterD- Go A- C
my life turns scarlet in the airD- Go A- C
changes whomever it touches---B- G F E
i bleed my thoughts to the worldB- G F E
dark and bright and warmD- Go A- C
but still cold to the fire that burnsA E D Goin my heart tonight---*** Begin ChorusA- D Go
i'll bleed for youA- D Go
bleed without a woundGo D A-my life spills my love for youA- D Go
bleed without a soundF E*** End Chorus---B- G F E
the stars are red the night deeperB- G F E
i can see the moon at the well's bottomD- Go A- Eand your eyes take a lunar gazeA E D Goi'll see your soul mirrored in the silverness---[ CHORUS ]
don't bleed for me
e------------------------------------------------------|---|B----------1-----------1-----------0-----------0-------|---|G--------2---2-------2---2-------1---1-------1---1-----|---|D------3-------2---3-------3---2-------2---2-------2~~-|---| <- Let ringA----3-----------3-----------2-----------2-------------|---| for oneE------------------------------------------------------|---| measure don't bleed for me...
---*** Begin Soloe-------------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------------|G-6b7r6-/-7-77-\-4-44-44-6b7r6~-7-77-\-0-----------------10-10-10-9-|D----------------------------------------77-6-66---------10-10-10-9-|A--------------------------------------------------5-/-7--8--8--8-7-|E------------------------------------------------0------------------|
*** End Solo---B- G F E
i'll bleed to the wellB- G F E
and when you drink the silver waterD- Go A- E
you'll taste of me bleeding the moonA E D Gotaste the warmth from the fire in my heart---[ CHORUS ]---A- D Go
bleed without a sound---*** Outro E F Ee------------------------------|B--1-/-2--2--2--2-\-1----------|G--2-/-3--3--3--3-\-2----------|D--2-/-3--3--3--3-\-2----------|A------------------------------|E------------------------------|*** End
Key: " - " : minor chord " ~ " : vibrato " / " : slide up " \ " : slide down " Go" : open G chord
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