Corey Taylor – Bother tab

                                 Corey Taylor - Bother
                                    Spiderman OST

Tabbed by ZeRo (

I've heard this song only couple of times - so sorry if there's something wrong 
(sure there is something) but the idea is right, I'm sure

Tuning Eb (1/2 step down)

chords used: Em D B# C5 G Eb|-7----5----x----3----3-| I'm not possitive on what Bb|-8----7----7----5----3-| fret to use for B# and C Gb|-9----7----8----5----4-| chords Db|-9----7----9----5----5-| Ab|-7----5----9----3----5-| Eb|-x----x----7----x----3-|
Eb|-7--5--------|---7--5--------| Bb|-8--7/8\7-5--|---8--7/8\7-5--| Gb|-9--7------7-|---9--7------7-| x3 Db|-9--7--------|--9---7--------| Ab|-7--5--------|--7---5--------| Eb|-------------|---------------| ------------- play this part only for the 1st time
Verse: ("I wish I was too dead to cry...")
Eb|-7--5-|----------|----5---------|-7--5-|----------333----Bb|-8--7-|----------|----7/8\7-5-5-|-8--7-|----------333----Gb|-9--7-|-77777777-|-9--7------7--|-9--7-|-77777777-444-77-Db|-9--7-|-77777777-|-9--7---------|-9--7-|-77777777-555-77-Ab|-7--5-|-55555555-|-7--5---------|-7--5-|-55555555-555-55-Eb|------|----------|--------------|------|----------333---- x2 x2
Chorus: ("You don't need to bother...") Em D Em B# Em D C D Intro: Verse2: ("I wish I was too dead to care...") It goes mostly the same - listen to song But there's a some kind of a bridge after the 2nd verse Bridge: ("I wish I had a reason...") Em B# C D (B# here is played with barre on the 3rd fret) Chorus: there's a little piece with a solo straight after the chorus Verse3: ("Wish I died instead of lived...") Chorus: several times Intro: end on Em That's it........ have fun....... ZeRo (
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