Corky And The Juice Pigs – Eskimo chords

Corky and the Juice Pigs - Eskimo

I can't believe that, with all the versions here at UG, nobody has posted an
accurate chord chart for this tune. In particular, check the bridge progression
and lyrics below ("we both like *flowers*"!?! are you kidding me!?!).

The Tenacious D cover or the live version might vary, but this is exactly what
appears on the group's 1993 CD.

** Intro **

D (with little melodic noodling)

** Chorus **

D A Bm GI'm the only gay Eskimo, I'm the only one I know,
D A Bm GI'm the only gay Eskimo in my tribe
** Verse 1 **
D AI go out seal hunting with my best friend Tarka (Tarqa?)
Bm GBut all I wanna do is to get into his parka (add 2nd line of Chorus)
** Verse 2 **
D AWell me and Ukflukchukbuk (Uqfluqchuqbuq?) we both like blubber
Bm GBut me I've got this crazy fetish for rubber (add 2nd line of Chorus)
** Verse 3 **
D AI make a wish on the northern lights
Bm GThat I could find a decent pair of whaleskin tights
D A Bm GI'm the only gay Eskimo in my tribe (And the seals they sing now)
** Bridge ** D A Bm G
Bm GThese cold winter nights are taking their toll
Em A A7I even get exited when I see the North Pole See the North Pole ...
** Coda **
D AI'm the only gay Eskimo (only gay Eskimo)
Bm GI'm the only one I know (I'm the only one I know)
D A BmI'm the only gay Eskimo ... in my tribe
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