Corries – Dark Lochnagar chords

C Away, ye gay landscapes, ye gardens o' roses.
F C G In you let the minions of luxury rove.
C Restore me the rocks where snowflake reposes
F C G C If still they are sacred to freedom and love
C F C Brave Caledonia, dear are thy mountains,
G Round their white summits though elements war.
C Tho’ cataracts roar 'stead of smooth flowing fountains,
C G C I sigh for the valleys o' dark Lochnagarr.
C Ah, there my young footsteps in infancy wandered.
F C G My cap was my bonnet, my cloak was my plaid.
C On chieftains long perished my memory lingered
F C G C As daily I strayed through the pine covered glade.
C F C I sought not my home till the days dying glory.
G Gave place to the rays o' the bright polar star
C My fancy was cheered by the bold martial story
C G C As told by the sons o' Dark Lochnagar.
C Years have rolled on, Lochnagar, since I left you
F C G Years must roll on ere I see you again
C Though Nature of verdure and flowers bereft you
F C G C Yet still art thou dearer than Albion's plain
C F C England! thy beauties are tame and domestic
G To one who has roved on the mountains afar
C Oh for the crags that are wild and majestic
C G C The steep frowning glories o' wild Lochnagar.
C Ill starred now the brave did no vision foreboding.
F C G Tell you that fate had forsaken our cause
C Yet were you destined to die at Culloden?
F C G C Though victory crowned not your fall with applause.
C F C Yet were you happy in death's earthly slumber
G Tae sleep wi’ your clan in the caves of Braemar
C The pibroch resounds tae the piper's loud numbers
C G C Your deeds on the echoes o’ dark Lochnagar.
C F C Brave Caledonia dear are thy mountains
C G C I sigh for the valley o' dark Lochnagar
Repeat fading
C G C The steep sounding glories of dark Lochnagar
C G C The steep sounding glories of dark Lochnagar
C G C The steep sounding glories of dark Lochnagar
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