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CHORDS: C D EM7 G EM A AM7 D7E- 0 2 3 3 0 0 0 2B- 1 3 3 3 0 0 1 1G- 0 2 0 0 0 2 2 2D- 2 0 2 0 2 2 2 0A- 3 X 2 2 2 0 0 XE- 0 X 0 3 0 X X X
INTRO: E|-------5----3----------5-----3---------3--B|3-------------3----------------3----------G|------------------------------------------D|------------------------------------------A|------------------------------------------E|------------------------------------------
VERSE 1: (C)Step out the front door like a (D)ghost Into the fog where no one (EM7)notices The contrast of (G)white on white And in in be(C)tween the moon and you Ang(D)els get a better view Of the (EM7)crumbling difference between (G)wrong and right I walk (C)in the air between the rain (D)Through myself and back again (EM7)Where, I don't know(G) (C)Maria says she's dying Through the door I (D)hear her crying Why, I (EM7)don't know(G) CHORUS: Round here (C)we al(D)ways stand up straight(EM)(G) Round here(C) some(D)thing radiates(EM)(G) VERSE 2: (C)Maria came from nashville with a (D)suitcase in her hand She said she'd (EM7)like to meet a boy who looks like (G)elvis She walks along the edge where the (D)ocean meets the land Just like she's (EM7)walking on a wire in the circus(G) She (C)parks her car outside of my house (D)Takes her clothes off (EM7)She say's she's close to understanding (G)Jesus She knows she's more than just a little mis(D)understood She has trouble acting normal when shes nervous CHORUS: Round (C)here we're (D)carving out our (EM)names(G) Round (C)here we all (D)look the (EM)same(G) Round here(C) we talk just like lions(D) But we (EM)sacarifice like lambs(G) Round here (C)she's slipp(D)ing through my (EM)hands BREAK: A D G A G BRIDGE: (A)Slee(AM7)ping children (D7)better(A) run like the wi(A)nd(G)(A) (AM7)Out of the (D7)lightning dream(A)(G)(A) Ma(AM7)ma's little baby (D7)better(A) get herself (A)in(G)(A) (C)Out of the (D)lightning She (C)says, It's (D)only in my (EM7)head(G) She (C)says, shh, I know it's (D)only in my (EM7)head(G) VERSE 3: But the (C)girl on the street by the parking lot Says: (D)"Man, you should try to Take a shot (EM7)Can't you see my walls are crumbling(G) Then she (C)looks up at the building Say's she's (D)thinking of jumping She says she's ti(EM7)red of life She must be ti(G)red of something CHORUS: Round here (C)she's (D)always on my (EM)mind(G) Round here(C) I(D) got lots of (EM)time(G) Round here (C)we're never sent to bed early(D) Man, (EM)nobody makes us wait(G) Round here (C)we stay up (D)very, (EM)very, very, very (G)late ENDING: I can't see no(C)thin, nothin(D) Around (EM)here (G)You catch me if I'm (C)falling You catch me if I'm (D)falling Will you catch me cause I'm (EM)falling down on you (G)I said I'm (C)under the gun(D) Around (EM7)here(G) Oh, man I said I'm (C)under the gun(D) Around (EM7)here (G)And I can't see nothin'(C) Nothin'(D) Round here(EM)
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