Counting Crows - Round Here Acoustic tab

My buddy ?the? Chad and I have a different way (from the other acoustic tab) of doing the acoustic (VH1 
Round Here.

It?s easy if have your fingers making C D Em and G, and pick this throughout  the verses, then strum for 
chorus.   Just mess with/listen to it and you?ll get the idea.


e--------------------------------|B--------------------------------|G------2---2------2-------2--2}--| hit these last two real quick then go to the Em and from Em to G etcD---0----------0---------0--0}---| and when you go through it once or twice you can throw this deal inA--------------------------------| when you pick C.E--------------------------------|
so yeah, go for it. and remember, don?t pump the keg unless it needs to be pumped because then you become the dude responsible for all the foamy beer--and nobody likes that dude. drop an email to if I can clear anything up Josh
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