Course Of Nature - Caught In The Sun tab

Tabbed by:sandrok
This is how they played it at this club in Destin, Fl. I was right at the stage. 
They played every song acoustic the best show I've seen so far.
Tuning: Open D5
VERSE:Db|----0--------0-----------------0------0------0-----------------|Db|----0--------0-----------------0------0------0-----------------|Ab|----0--------0-----------------0------4 h--- 5-----------------|Db|----x--------x-----------------x------x------x-----------------|Ab|----9------- 7-----------------5------5------5-----------------|Db|----9------- 7-----------------5------5------5-----------------| Bm7 Asus2 G Gsus You're my distance destination of choice I'd give anything just to hear your voice I could have passed you on the street without saying a word Most times I miss the voice that goes unheard
CHORUS:Db|----0--------0-----------0-----------------0-----0------|Db|----0--------0-----------0-----------------0-----0------|Ab|----0--------0-----------0-----------------0-----0------|Db|----0--------x-----------x---------------- x-----x------|Ab|----0------- 7-----------5-----------------9-----7------|Db|----0------- 7-----------5-----------------9-----7------| D5 Asus2 G Bm7 Asus2What if I missed you, you got caught in the sunWhat if I did something never to be undone?
BRIDGE: Db|----0---------- 0 -----------------0--------0----------------|Db|----0-----------0------------------0--------0----------------|Ab|----0-----------0------------------0--------0----------------|Db|----x-----------X------------------x--------x----------------|Ab|----8--------- 10-----------------10--/----12----------------|Db|----8--------- 10-----------------10--/----12----------------| Bb C C Slide to) D
You are there for me this I hope and pray You will wait for me I will be too late
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