Courtney Love - Stinking Of You tab

                             Stinking of You by Courtney Love

Co written with Kurt Cobain, lyrics presumably by Love. He and Love sang it together and
there is a recording of the two singing as a duet while Love plays the guitar. Love
called it a "little lullaby about diapers", as it was written while Frances Bean was a 
baby. I can't make out the lyrics exactly since the recording is extremely lo-fi, but I tried
my best to transcribe some of them. The footage of this song is in the "Hit So Hard" 
documentary on Patty Schemel.

Tuning: Standard


"And I'm stinking of you..." Verse:
"... I know what to do She is snoring, he is touring... I can't wake up, I can't wake up Get him in here I can't take it, I can't wake it Get me out of here..." Repeat same progression throughout the song.
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