Cowboy Junkies – Southern Rain tab

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		Southern Rain
		Cowboy Junkies
		off Black-Eyed Man


The flies have quit their buzzing

Even Bear has stopped his barking

They all sense something brewing

Up the James and headed this way
       D		     A    Asus2: lick

Bobby sips his morning coffee
Says have you finished with the funnies
Looks like a storm is brewing honey
guess we'll have to stay in bed today

I've heard that into every life

A little of it must fall
   A		    D

So she spends her evenings praying

For a little of that southern rain
			D	A    Asus2

Marie was born in Macon Georgia
She met a west coast lawyer
He plucked that sweet magnolia
and carried her to the hills of West LA

She says I never thought I'd tire of a dollar
But this life has grown so hollow
Every nite there's lipstick on his collar
And every morning I wash it away

She heard that into every life......etc

of this verse, but ......>

Cars alive on city streets,   of sparkling black water
Gm        F#m			E		 A

like waves beneath my window  never break just roll away
    F#m				    Bm		    E

Tonite this rain will be my lullabye
D	    E		      F#m  Bm

These cars, my dreams  to carry me home to stay
D		Bm	   E		    A    Asus2

The wipers beat a rhythm   truck spray obscures my vision
But I'm closing in on my destination
Two more hours and I'll be at your door

And it will never cease to amaze me
How a little rain can drive folks crazy
When I'd trade all my clear skies glady
For your blue eyes   crooked smile
and a steady downpour

I've heard that into every life
A little of it must fall
but you'll never catch me complaining
about too much of that southern rain

Asus lick:   -------0-h-2--0--------|b

	     or something like that...
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