Cowboy Junkies – To Love Is To Bury tab

From: afung@cory.EECS.Berkeley.EDU (Andrew Fung)

I'm not totally satisfied with this one, so any help or suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.

@SONG: "To Love Is To Bury"

(In 3/4 time)

     G                    Am
I buried him down by the river
       C              C  Em Am  G
Cause that's where he liked to be
     G                    Am
And every night when the moon is high
  C           C  Em  Am  G
I go there and weep openly

 D             Am
He and I were married
          C                Em      G
By this river 'neath this willow tree
          D                 Am
And with God and friends witnessing it
     C         Am        G
He pledged his life to me

To me he was Earth
And I rooted in his soil
I to he was Sky vast and free
Of the burdens from which he toiled

Then one night a terrible fight
Words spoken better left unsaid
With his wedding vows ringing in my ears
He gave his life to me

They say to love is to bury
Those demons from which we all hide
But tonight by this river 'neath this willow tree
Becoming one of Earth and Sky

Da da da, da da da, da da da, etc...

On that C/Em/Am/G thing that's all in one measure ("where he
liked to be"), I think it might just be a pair of C chords, 
and I'm just hearing a walkdown from C down to G in the bass,
in other words:

C Em? Am? GA ---3----2----0---------E -------------------3---
On some of the Am's, I like to pick up my finger off of the D string and put it right back down, again, something that I don't think Michael's actually playing, but something that I think sounds sort of cool in there. I picked up this trick from REM's "Swan Swan H." (in 3/4 time -- maybe that's why I think it sounds good). Andrew Fung
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