Speaking Confidentially chords with lyrics by Cowboy Junkies - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Cowboy Junkies – Speaking Confidentially chords

Am F G Em F Dm Em (x2)

[Verse 1]
Am F G EmSpeaking confidentially
F Dm EmThe fire that burnt inside of me
Am F G EmHas turned to ash the tortured tree
F Em Dm EmThat grows beside the anguished sea
Am F G Em F Dm Em Speaking confidentially
[Verse 2]
Am F G EmSpeaking metaphorically
F Em Dm EmThe earth I trust beneath my feet
Am F G EmIs moving now ever so slightly
F Em Dm EmI shift my feet but feel no relief
Am F G Em F Dm Em Speaking metaphorically
[Break] Am F G Em F Dm Em (x3) [Verse 3]
Am F G EmSpeaking hypothetically
F Em Dm EmIf the air you breathed was so unique
Am F G EmWould you use it up to idly speak
F Em Dm EmOr horde it for a rainy week
Am F G Em F Dm Em Speaking hypothetically
[Verse 4]
Am F G EmSpeaking kind of cryptically
F Em Dm EmThe sea that raged beside the tree
Am F G EmBurning bright for all to see
F Em Dm EmIt just might mean the most to me
Am F G Em F Dm Em Speaking kind of cryptically
[Outro] Am F G Em F Dm Em (x6)
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