Cowboy Songs – Yellow Rose Of Texas tab

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Return-path: Received: from by (PMDF V4.2-13 #5184) id <>; Thu, 3 Feb 1994 12:15:13 CST Received: by (5.65c+/10jsm) id AA24883; Thu, 3 Feb 1994 12:45:02 -0500 Date: Thu, 03 Feb 1994 12:45:02 -0500 From: "Andrew D. Lowry" Subject: submission To: Cc: Message-id: <> Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT The Yellow Rose of Texas is not a flower, we all knew that didn't we, but a person. History records her as being a servant named Emily D. West, who was indentured to a man named Colonel James Morgan, who fought in the war for the independence of Texas from Mexico. "The Yellow Rose of Texas" 1: G There's a yellow rose of Texas I'm goin' for to see, D7 No other soldier knows her, nobody only me. G She cried so when I left her, it like to broke my heart, D7 G D7 G And if I ever find her, we never-more will part. CHORUS 2: G Where the Rio Grande is flowing and starry skies are bright, D7 She walks along the river in the quiet summer night. G She thinks if I remember we parted long ago; D7 G D7 G I promised to come back again and never let her go. CHORUS 3: G Oh, now I'm goin' to find her, my heart is full of woe; D7 We'll sing the song together we sang so long ago. G We'll play the banjo gaily and sing the songs of yore, D7 G D7 G And the yellow rose of Texas will be mine for-ever-more. CHORUS CHORUS--- G She's the sweetest rose of color this soldier ever knew. D7 Her eyes are bright as diamonds, they sparkle like the dew. G You may talk about your winsome maids and sing of Rosalie, D7 G D7 G But the yellow rose of Texas beats the belles of Tennessee. ****************************************************************************
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