Cox Family – I Am Weary Let Me Rest chords

This is song is a favorite of mine.  It is from the "O' Brother where out though
 A collection of music that made a profound impact on my life.  Special thanks to the Cox
for writing such a concise and beautiful song.  And for the record I think the lead 
of the Cox family has one of the best voices in music today. -Nick P

I Am Weary Let Me Rest

The Cox Family

*this may be wrong key but anyways....
*Capo 3rd fret

G C GKiss Me mother, Kiss your Darlin'
G DLay my head upon your breast
G C Gthrow your loooooooving arms around me
D GI am weary let me rest
D GSeems the light is swiftly fading
G DBrighter scenes they do now show
C GIam standing by the river
G D GAngels waaaaait to take me home
G C G CGKiss me mooooother kiss your darlin
G DSee the pain upon my brow
G C G CGWhile i'll sooooon be with the angels
G G D GFate has doooooomed my future now.
G D C GThrough the yeeeeeears youve always loved me
G C Dand my liiiiiife you tried to save
C Gbut now I shall slumber sweetly
D C Gin a deeeeeep and lonely grave
G G C GKiss me mooother Kiss your darlin
G DLay my head upon your breast
D G C Gthrow your looooving arms around me
G G D GI am weeeeeary let me rest
G G D GI am weeeeeary let me rest.
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