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Crack – Maybe tab

Words and Music
by Joe Malburg

Intro 1

Alternate Intro G D Em C G C17 D\F# G D\F# Em Verse G D\F# Em Maybe I'm wrong again G D\F# Em C How could I ever be right G D\F# Em Maybe It should all just end G D\F# Em C Maybe it should be tonight G D\F# Em Maybe I cried today G D\F# Em C But those tears were not for you G D\F# Em Maybe You know what I'll say G D\F# Em C But Baby I know just what you'll do Chorus G D Cause' theres a time line Em C in the road I'm G C9 D headed downhill fast G D And when it all falls Em C who'll rebulid these walls G C17 D we will never last Verse 2 G D\F# Em Maybe I can read your mind G D\F# Em C What kind of things are you thinking of today G D\F# Em Maybe your reading mine G D\F# Em C Then Maybe you know what I?m gonna say Bridge C D If you think I?m fooled G Em Than you couldn?t be more wrong C D You say you know my every move G C D Than you proboly know the words to this song INSTURMENTAL G/ D/ F17/ C17/ G/ D/ F17/ C17/ G/// D/// F17/// F17/ C17?????G(maj.) Verse 3 Maybe I?ll come to you You will throw your arms around me Maybe I hold you too But I?m not sure what it means Maybe your confused Or maybe I?m lost in a dream You seem to be amused What do you see when you look at me To Chorus Verse 4 G D\F# Em Maybe I?m wasting time G D\F# Em C You always tell me I do G D\F# Em Maybe I?ll make the climb G D\F# Em C I?ve got nothing better to do G D\F# Em Maybe I?ll Never Know G D\F# Em C Maybe I never really cared at all G D Am7 My I?m have to lose G D\F# Em C Maybe I?ll have to take the fall To Chorus Closing You said you?d never lie Well I can make that promise too I will stay by your side Maybe, I really do love you
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