Craig Morgan – I Was Almost Home chords

Capo 1st fret

CHe had plastic bags wrapped round his shoes
CHe was covered with the evening news
G D G Had a pair of wool socks on his hands
CThe banks sign was flashing five below
CIt was freezin rain and spittin snow
G D GHe was curled up behind some garbage cans
B CI was afraid that he was dead, I gave him a gentle shake
B C DWhen he opened up his eyes I said, Old man are you ok , He said
CI just climbed out of the cotton wood tree
GI was running from some honey bee's
CDrip-drying in the summer breeze
DAfter jumpin into Calecoe Creek
CI was walkin down an old dirt road
G G/f#Past a field of hey that had just been mowed
Em CMan I wish you'd just left me alone
D GCause I was almost home
Then he said, I was just comin round the barn, Bout the time you grabbed my arm I heard momma holler son hurry up I was close enough for my own nose To smell fresh cobbler on the stove I saw daddy loadin up the truck (bridge) cane poles on the tailgate, bobbler's blowin in the wind since July of 55, that's as close as I've been, Yea (go to chorus)
DI said old man you're gonna freeze to death,
EmLet me drive you to the mission
CHe said boy if you'd left me alone
D Dsus4 / DRight now I'd be fishin
(chorus) 2x's man I wish you'd just left me alone I was almost home
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